About Us

BD Electrical is an employee owned company that has been servicing the electrical distribution business for over 27 years. We have over 50 thousand square feet of processing and storage space ready to serve our customers. Our skilled team members specialize in repairing and reconditioning current and obsolete items manufactured by GE, Eaton, Square D, Siemens and others. We are also the master distributor for the new Baseline Busway Systems made right here in Michigan. Be it busway or breakers, transformers or switchgear, panelboards or starters, disconnects or fuses, we have an extensive inventory and business network ready to solve your needs.

What is our Goal? To solve Your equipment needs. What is our highest priority? Safety! Recognized throughout the industry as having the highest quality, BD Electrical takes pride in having set new standards for remanufacturing and testing. The NETA guidelines are our minimum standards. We strive everyday to improve our processes and systems, to go beyond those standards, to reach the highest levels of safety and reliability!

Once complete our products are professionally stacked onto skids or boxed in our state-of-the-art foam packaging system. With the Time & Pride we put into reconditioning & repairing your orders, we want the equipment to arrive in Like New condition.

Emergency or Shut-Down situation? Keep BD Electrical at the top of your call list. With specialized laser cutting, CNC forming and turrethead punching operations we can quickly fabricate entire switchgear structures and repair blown-out sections of busway. It’s our goal to help your company get back up and running quickly and safely.

Finally, business with BD Electrical is not a One-Way street. If your company has surplus equipment and would like to find out its’ value then BD Electrical is ready to do a review and put together a fair market offer. We can load out ready to ship items or send in our crew to dismantle bus systems and switchgear still in place and energized. We travel the country always on the look-out for quality equipment.

Please, call us today and experience the BD commitment to Quality.