BaseLine™ Products

BD Electrical is an industry leader when it comes to supplying reconditioned and new equipment. With the current state of the electrical world and increasingly long lead times, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer quick solutions to you. We now offer UL / cUL listed busway and switchgear built right here at BD Electrical!

BaseLine Switchgear

BaseLine Switchgear - We currently offer up to 3000A switchgear that accepts Square D I-Line circuit breakers. Reach out to someone on our sales team and let us put a quote together to fit your specific application!

BaseLine Busway - You can no longer order Siemens / Bulldog style busway from the factory and that is where BaseLine busway offers you a new and quick solution. Our BaseLine busway is compatible with all 3PH 3W Siemens / Bulldog style busway, Park busway, and Continental busway systems. BaseLine busway accepts BOS and PFA style bus plugs as well as their breaker style equivalents.

  • Copper busway available from 400A up to 1000A
  • Aluminum busway available from 400A up to 800A


Let us be the solution to your needs with our UL / cUL listed BaseLine product line! Contact us at 800-548-7904 or and see what we can do for you.