Repairs & Custom Fabrication

BD Electrical is an industry leader when it comes to Custom Fabrication and Repair Services. We are capable of fabricating sections of bus duct into Custom End tap boxes, Center tap boxes, Horizontal and Vertical elbows, TEE's, offsets, and short sections.

If an emergency happens BD Electrical is here to help, our emergency repair service can get you up and running in a timely fashion. We also do standard repairs, and reconditioning of customer supplied electrical equipment including busway and busplugs.

We have done custom fabrication and/or repairs for many industries such as: automotive, government, healthcare, plastic, utility, and even electrical equipment OEMs! All repairs and fabrications include our limited 2-year warranty.

Now it's possible to get a longer lifespan and more capabilities out of an obsolete system. Contact us at 800-548-7904 or [email protected] and see what we can do for you.