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BD Electrical is here to serve you with industry-leading customer service and unparalleled support. We are not only the industry’s go-to supplier for new surplus and reconditioned electrical components and equipment. We are also your solutions specialist for everything electrical. Parts, service, fabrication, and more, we want to help your projects reach a successful conclusion!

Electrical Parts Specialist

When it comes to supplying contractors with electrical components and equipment, we are the industry leader. No one else has the extensive inventory to compare with BD Electrical. When you need new or old-style electrical items, come to us first. Not sure what you need? Give us a call at 800-548-7904 – we can help you identify brands, models, part numbers, compatible parts, and more.

Our own skilled team reconditions used and obsolete electrical components and equipment for use in many current or obsolete systems. Our refurbished components come with a 2-year warranty and are packaged for shipment with our own proprietary, state-of-the-art foam system, so your parts arrive intact, safe, and undamaged.

Custom Fabrications

Sometimes older systems need made-to-fit components and pieces that cannot be found or bought. BD Electrical has field team members who can travel to your jobsite to obtain measurements and other data necessary for our fabrication specialists to custom-create what you need. Panel stubs, custom busway lengths, electrical panels, tees, and other specialty pieces are no problem for BD Electrical.

Electrical Problem-Solving

BD Electrical is more than an electrical parts distributor – we are your problem-solving partner for everything electrical. Not sure what you need or where to turn? We’ll help you figure it out. Our three decades of industry experience means we’ve seen a few things and solved more than a few problems in our time. Let us share our expertise with you, and help you see the job through.

Contact Us for Reliable Service & Support

BD Electrical has the talented and seasoned team necessary to serve your needs with industry-leading customer service and unparalleled support for everything electrical. Call us today at 800-548-7904 for reliable, industry-leading service and support when you need new or old electrical parts, custom fabrications, and help with developing solutions.